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One Dress – and its Versitality

Portraits of Women LaurieL Photography Photographers Prop Shop
Portraits of Women LaurieL Photography Photographers Prop Shop

This blog post will discuss the variety you can get out of a simple dress!  The dress is a simple one, from the Photographers Prop Shop.  A Thrift Store for photographers who shoot women, it’s full of all kinds of wonderful things at thrift store prices!!  They’ve done the shopping for you!  So, this was a nice little dress,.. whimsical, soft and lacy.  We first added clip on florals to it. Just a couple at the neckline looked nice.  Then, we added a beautiful floral crown with white berries in it.  This dressed up the outfit nicely.  We took some shots, and liked what we saw.  But, we wanted more POW to the image.  So, we decided to add a tulle skirt underneath it (again, everything was available to us from the Photographers Prop Shop!).  Look at the beautiful fullness of the dress now!  Wow!  We loved it!!   And, what’s even more wonderful, is that we can use the florals, headpiece and tulle underskirt with a ton of other clothing options!!  How great is that!?  This outfit would also look great in a setting that brings out the vintage, whimsical look!  If it wasn’t raining outside, we definetly would have gone out and shot some natural light shots in a foresty environment (right behind the studio!)  But, since we did only have the studio to work with this day, we decided to add some age and vintage to the image in Post Production.  We went to our very favorite ‘go to’ application for this look…and used one of Alien Skin’s ‘Exposure’ Color Fading settings.  PERFECT!  We LOVE Alien Skin and use it on so many of our edits!!! It looks incredible, and we’re super happy with the final result!  Let us know what YOU think!!

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