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Upon booking your appointment, and receipt of your deposit, you will be sent detailed information that covers your particular type of session. You will also be sent a document titled 'LaurieL Terms,' which contains essential information that is not listed here on the website. It is important that you read this document thoroughly to make sure LaurieL Photography is the right photographer for you.

Here are just a few tips for each type of session: 



I specialize in Maternity (and newborn) Photography. Rest assured you will be working with the best, and can expect exceptional results! Spouses/Partners and children are welcome to be included in your session. For a single birth, four to six weeks prior to your due date is a good time for this session. Multiple births should consider six to eight weeks. Wraps and drapings will be provided to you, but, should you desire, you may bring anything you feel you specifically want to be photographed in. Flirty lingerie can be fun and I encourage you to bring some if you feel comfortable in it! Photo touch ups and enhancements will be made to your pictures unless you specify otherwise. Most women gain weight in places they'd rather not. I'll slim and trim you in those places as part of my post production process!  

Most of my clients choose the Motherhood sure to check it out for cost-saving opportunities.  

Please plan on a minimum of 2 hours for your maternity session, and be sure to bring something to drink and a snack.  



These sessions will capture the incredibly pure and beautiful moments of your babies first few days of life. Before you have become sleep deprived...before the baby has uncurled from the womb...before the umbilical cord falls away...the first two weeks of life is optimal, with 2 to 5 days being my personal favorite. Your baby will be photographed in Mother Nature's best attire ... skin!!! Time and consideration is given for feedings and assuring both baby's and mommy's comfort. Your baby's mood, wants, and needs, will drive the amount of time needed for your session, but you can expect to spend approximately 4 hours here at the studio. Because we don't know how long your session may take, please do not make any other plans the day of your session. If you are bringing siblings, please bring someone who can watch them or take them home after an hour or so, as they probably won't last for the full session! It's also important to bring food and snacks for anyone attending the session.



Bring whatever you like your child in. Bright colors, pastels, stripes, hats ... anything that is comfortable. I love both pastels and lots of color. Matching sweaters and hats (I love hats), make incredible pictures. Pastels offer a beautiful innocence to the photograph. Consider matching an outfit to the color of your child's eyes. Your youngest child will determine the length of this session. Know that as children get older and into their toddler years, session times become shorter, as their tolerance level decreases. Try to schedule your appointment during the typical 'happy time' for your child! Mid-mornings usually work best.



Because you have the option of several outfit changes, you should bring a good variety. Something dressy... such as evening wear, something casual, such as jeans and a couple different tops... maybe one summer and one fall. Layer your clothing for lots of different looks. Bring boots, tennies, and hi-heels (for girls). Bring jewelry that matches your outfits. Bring hats, sun glasses and scarves. Bring a soft flowy dress (for girls) and a couple different jackets or pull over sweaters for boys. Bring both pastel and deep colors. Bring something related to any sports you may be involved in... or other activity. This is an opportunity to capture who you are right now. Don't be afraid to over pack... we want to capture it all!



I provide both studio and outdoor headshot options.



Approximately two-three weeks after your photo session, you will be shown approximately 30-40 proofs in a password protected, on-line photo gallery. This format is optimal for allowing distant family and friends to view your pictures. Orders can be placed from within your on-line shopping cart.